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A game by HexCode Studios 

Explore an open space and absorb colours from your environment to solve platform based puzzles. Use the powers of three different colours to your advantage, red, blue and green colours can all be absorbed into your weapon and used to help you navigate through the environment.

Please note that you will need to extract the files in order to play the game using Spectrum.exe.

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Project Manager: Jake Thomas
Producer: Rohith Maddali
Level Designer: Luke Stanley
Level Designer: Jordan Hanna


Lead Programmer: Alexander Balboni
Programmer: Zachariah French
Programmer: Riley McGowen


Lead Animator: Sidartha Dipayhana
Animator: Malvika Gopinath
Animator: Elyssa La
Animator: Caleb Schilling
Animator: Will Botkina
Animator: Christopher Ganal


Lead Sound Designer: Kyan Rowse
Audio composer: Jordan Burge
Voice Actor: Dennis Reye

Graphic Design

Lead Graphic Designer: Rihan Demiri
Graphic Designer: George Takis
Graphic Designer: Cristina Arróspide
Graphic Designer: Caleb Bastiaan

Special Thanks to Noel Abella

Asset Packages

Fantasy Adventure Environment: Staggart Creations
AAA Projectiles Vol.2: Hovl Studios
AllSky Free: rpgwhitelock
Quick Outlines: Chris Nolet


Spectrum v1.1.5.zip 169 MB

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